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Our Why

No More Umbrellas Foundation is a nonprofit established in memory of Emily Morgan Pierce to share her determined spirit through a legacy of giving to kids in need. In her wish for the future, Morgan envisioned a world with only rainbows, no more rain, and ‘No More Umbrellas.’ She believed kids enduring difficulties should not be defined by their adversities but bolstered by their talents and abilities while receiving tools to persevere.
Diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of five, Morgan spent half of her life in the world of childhood cancer. Clinic visits, hospital stays, missing school, and spending many days separated from her sister and dad were the norm. But, when the cancer work was done, she turned off that world like a light switch, determined to enjoy life with her friends and family. 
In the nearly thirteen years Morgan fought cancer, friends, family, and even strangers gave time, food, and financial support to help our family give her what she needed most: a moment to breathe, a chance to create memories, the opportunity to simply live.

Cancer is NOT who we are; it has shaped us, but it has not DEFINED us.


~Morgan Pierce, forever seventeen

Our Mission

Our Mission

No More Umbrellas gives financial support and resources to Central Florida kids who are fighting cancer and other hardships. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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